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Community Ed Advisory Council

The purposes of the Community Education Advisory Council, as set forth in its bylaws are:

  • To recommend areas of program development

  • To expand and improve communications between the school and various community groups and agencies.

  • To promote the Community Education philosophy of lifelong learning for all ages

  • To recommend appropriate Community Education program budgets.

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The Community Education Advisory Council is composed of citizens from within the boundaries of the school district.  The Council functions in cooperation with Community Education staff in an advisory capacity to promote the goals and objectives of Community Education.

Council Members:

Matthew Anderson

Erin Honebrink
Sarah Jaeger                          

Laurie O'Leary                      Lucas Olson
Laura Ostlie                      Sonja Schwiderski
Kerry Wilcox

Joy Zehringer

Paul Carruth                               

Leah Olson

Lily Ostlie                                            

Shelly Vergin                         

Chrysees Forbord              Carissa McDonald       

(Member at Large)



(Member at Large)

School Board Rep

Youth Rep
Youth Rep

Ex-Officio - Community Ed Director

Ex-Officio - Early Childhood
Ex-Officio - Discovery Kids

The Advisory Council meets four times a year.  Adult members are asked to serve 3-year terms, youth 1-year terms; each renewable for a 2nd term.  If you're interested in serving on the council, please reach out to Shelly Vergin!

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