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Mark Grussing

Math Teacher

Chad Carroll

Math Teacher

Tom Foley

Math Teacher

The Benson High School Math Department believes that studying math is a worthwhile pursuit which teaches students how to critically think about the world around them. Furthermore, it teaches students how to communicate about their environment in an efficient way. We seek to develop curious students who ask questions and have the confidence in their ability to formulate and execute a method to solve problems about the questions they ask.


There are two sequences of courses that students can take. All students must attain at least 3 credits (3 full years) of high school or college math credits. Students can take two semesters of College Credit Math on Path A and four semesters of College Credit Math on Path B. The College Math Courses are all one semester long and are currently offered through M-State - Fergus Fall.

7th Grade                 

8th Grade                

9th Grade               

10th Grade            

11th Grade             

12th Grade 

 Path A 

Math 7

 Math 8 

Algebra 1


Algebra 2 or Basic Algebra 

College Algebra and College Trigonometry or College Statistics 

 Path B

Advanced Math 7

Algebra 1


Algebra 2

College Algebra and College Trigonometry

College Business Calculus and College Statistics

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