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Brady Dokkebakken

Sixth Grade Teacher

Tim Kletscher

Sixth Grade Teacher

Our 6th grade Math curriculum is based on the MN Academic Standards as approved by the State Education Dept.  Our current textbook is traditional math structure with some new "best practices" worked in.  We use a combination of textbook, workbook, and DeltaMath (online) assignments to accomplish the coverage of the required standards.


We also use a fun game site called "Prodigy" to strengthen our skills and review our skills in an enjoyable way.


Our 6th grade Science curriculum is based on the Science standards as approved by the State Education Dept.  In 2021, we will be adopting and transitioning to the "newly" adopted standards.  This will be more focused on Earth Sciences and will take a "phenomena-based" approach.  Most of the curriculum will be online or in their activity journal.

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