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Congratulations to the following students who advance to the Championship round of the Junior High Geography Bee:  Danielle Sondag, Brennan Knutson, Madison Gelhar, Austin Ose, Mathhew Ebnet, Olivia Hoffman, Clay Molden, Addison Doscher, Adam Forsberg, Jay Evan McGee, and Eric Hoium.

Paraprofessional recognition week

Paraprofessional Recognition Week is this week.  Please join me in recognizing the critical work that our Paraprofessionals do in the instruction, support, and development of the students of Benson Public Schools.  We are fortunate to have such dedicated and caring Paraprofessionals to assist students.  Thank you for the work you do with students every day - your efforts make a significant difference. 

Dennis Laumeyer

The Benson Music Department is looking for good homes for 3 used pianos.  Pianos will be given away on a “first come, first serve” basis.  New owner will be responsible for removal of piano.

PIANO #1 - Gulbransen Upright - purchased around 1950 (black) no bench

PIANO #2 - Wurlitzer Upright - built in 1964 (light brown) bench included

PIANO #3 - Everett Upright - built around 1970? (dark brown) bench included

All pianos are in working order but are showing wear and tear on wood cabinet.  These pianos are tunable but are being offered “as is”

Interested parties should contact Brock Duncan bduncan@benson.k12.mn.us or Shelly Mikkelson smikkelson@benson.k12.mn.us

The Monday, November 10, 2014 snow make up day is scheduled for Monday, February 16, 2015.


strategic plan set in motion by
benson school board

The school district is currently embarking on a series of initiatives that were given top priority through the development of a five year strategic plan that was approved by the School Board in April of 2012. The School Board created a vision for the school district and set priorities and goals in the following area; technology, student achievement, facilities, high quality staff and bullying.


By 2017, Benson Schools will have developed and be known for delivering…

  •  High academic expectations, standards, & achievement

  •  Instruction that is current with the changing world and cutting-edge technology

  •  A well-rounded education

  •  Students that are prepared to be responsible & productive citizens

  •  Elite staff

  •  Continued fiscal responsibility


a) Technology

Goal 1: Provide improved technology at every grade level

b) High Student Standards and Achievement

Goal 1: Align curriculum with state standards

Goal 2: Enhance Gifted and talented programming

c) High quality facilities

Goal 1: Complete a comprehensive facilities assessment and evaluation

d) Hire, mentor and develop high quality staff

Goal 1: Develop a comprehensive teacher evaluation plan

Goal 2: Hire the best candidate for the position, not the cheapest

Goal 3: Yearly self-improvement goals for staff

e) Respect among all students and staff

Goal 1: Develop a comprehensive bullying prevention program

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