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strategic plan set in motion by
benson school board

The school district is currently embarking on a series of initiatives that were given top priority through the development of a five year strategic plan that was approved by the School Board in April of 2012. The School Board created a vision for the school district and set priorities and goals in the following area; technology, student achievement, facilities, high quality staff and bullying.


By 2017, Benson Schools will have developed and be known for delivering…

  •  High academic expectations, standards, & achievement
  •  Instruction that is current with the changing world and cutting-edge technology
  •  A well-rounded education
  •  Students that are prepared to be responsible & productive citizens
  •  Elite staff
  •  Continued fiscal responsibility


a) Technology

Goal 1: Provide improved technology at every grade level

b) High Student Standards and Achievement

Goal 1: Align curriculum with state standards

Goal 2: Enhance Gifted and talented programming

c) High quality facilities

Goal 1: Complete a comprehensive facilities assessment and evaluation

d) Hire, mentor and develop high quality staff

Goal 1: Develop a comprehensive teacher evaluation plan

Goal 2: Hire the best candidate for the position, not the cheapest

Goal 3: Yearly self-improvement goals for staff

e) Respect among all students and staff

Goal 1: Develop a comprehensive bullying prevention program

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contact information

Benson JH/SH Address: 1400 Montana Avenue, Benson, MN  56215
School phone: 320-843-2710
School fax: 320-843-2262

Northside Elementary Address:
 1800 West Nevada Ave., Benson, MN  56215
Northside phone: 320-842-2717
Northside fax:  320-843-5300